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Thread: Po's Ribs and Barbecue

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    Default Po's Ribs and Barbecue

    Was out shopping today and was pleasantly surprised to find a new barbecue joint that just opened yesterday in the Acton Plaza next to the CVS at 334 Great Road (in the location where the bread shop used to be).

    The food smelled great and I grabbed their take out menu. Very simple barbecue fare (Baby Back Ribs, Texas Style Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork/Chicken) and reasonably priced. Platters with two sides from $4.95 to $24.95 (full rack of ribs).

    They claim the are also a sports bar, but I only saw one TV and about 12 chairs around a small bar. Their number is 978-264-3100.

    If anyone eats there before we do, please post a review.

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    I can sum up the experience in one word and spare the details, "Horrendous"! Its not what you'd think a BBQ joint is. Canned food side orders and dried out cheap cuts of meat! I'm not a BBQ snob and I find even a place like Lesters in Burlington more than acceptable. They won't be there long!
    The Smokehouse in Lowell (also in Brookline-which I have frequented often in the past) is pretty good but a tad pricey! If I want great BBQ (I do it myself, or) I head to FireFlys in Marlborough. Redbones is great too but with the crowds, cramped seating and lack of parking Fireflys now gets my business. Some pretty good live music in their adjacent club Dantes too.

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    Thanks for the review, Ghostdog. It's sad to hear that the food is so bad, I was hoping for something close and decent. I too have had Lesters and am not very impressed. I'll have to try the Smokehouse in Lowell.

    Some may remember the "Pig 'n Pepper" that WestNET and a Carlisle non-profit used to put on. Having worked 5 events, the amateur competition produced some of the best BBQ I've ever tasted. Makes me salivate just thinking about it...

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    Default Give it a try!

    Seeing as this thread is the first google result when you search for "Po's barbecue", I feel like I need to add some balance to Ghostdog's post. First off, I'll agree that Po's doesn't know anything about St Louis, Memphis, or any other recognizable style of barbecue ribs. (Rosemary? Really?) That said, I found the ribs to be cooked just right and not too lean or too fatty. As for the sides, I got fries and cole slaw, and they were fine-- nothing to write home about but far far from "horrendous".

    Anyway, I probably wouldn't recommend take-out over eat-in, and I’ll definitely go back when I’m craving me some pig rib.

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    Default We liked it!

    We got take-out from Po's for the first time and were very happy with it. The “Crispy Spicy Wings” were to die for. The “Crispy Spicy Shrimp” was excellent, albeit they're not shelled so you end up pulling off much of the delicious spices while peeling them, We got a rack of baby back ribs – the portion was generous and they were nice and tender. If you don't expect southern BBQ here (it's not Redbones) you should be quite happy. I think Po's is sort of a fusion of American BBQ and Asian cuisine. So while the ribs didn't seem all that smoked, they were nicely done and with the BBQ sauce they tasted great. And actually the pulled pork sandwich was almost as good as Redbones, whch surprised me. The side dishes were very-good to passable. I really liked the green beans and the cole slaw, which also had the “fusion” thing going on, but the baked beans seemed somewhat canned. So overall we liked the food and are happy to have this new restaurant here. I would go back just for the chicken wings alone!


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